July 2017 Real Estate Roundup
July 2017 Real Estate Roundup
July 2017 Real Estate Roundup

July 2017 Real Estate Roundup

July 2017 Real Estate Roundup

Here are some of the great real estate blog articles from July 2017.  Lots of information to read and absorb.  Let us know what article you liked best in the comments!

For Sale By Owner During The Summertime?

Selling a home for sale by owner (FSBO) is a challenging experience that involves many different aspects needing to come together in an orderly fashion. While homes are able to sell for sale by owner there are issues that may prevent a full realization of potential with that FSBO. Add to that a summertime sale and one quickly will find that FSBO summertime sale challenges can be higher as Bill Gassett explains. Even with the right advice and expert tips there are still areas with a FSBO home sale that one simple error can result in the whole process having to be repeated again.

Three Things To Consider Before Selling Your Home

Prior to putting your home on the market it is a good idea look at some fundamental aspects in order to make sure the home sale will go down the right path. In this article about three important areas to consider before selling your home Lynn Pineda helps home sellers understand the impact of their Realtor, their home’s curb appeal and their home’s interior. All of those areas if neglected or not up to the best standards possible could result in a home sale quickly spiraling downward.

Great Home Improvement Ideas To Boost Home Value

These great home improvements suggested by Real Estate Broker Ryan Fitzgerald of Raleigh, North Carolina are a smart way to improve the look and appeal of one’s home which will result in more buyer interest. Depending on the homes current layout and design there are a number of options that homeowners can use to get more value out of their home when they sell. This list is not a one size fits all solution though as some homes may already have everything they need and a good coat of new paint and cleaning may be the best solution needed to maximize sale value. So make sure to discuss with your local real estate agent to find out what may best work for you.

DIY: Sealing Grout

Many homeowners may not know much about the grout between their tiles or the fact that depending on use it needs resealing every so often. Resealing grout is something you can pay someone to do on a regular basis or learn how to do it on your through this excellent guide by Debbie Gartner on DIY grout sealing. Not only can you save money with this DIY guide you can also save on long term cleaning labor as grout sealing makes it easier to clean between the tiles.

Summertime Home Maintenance Tips

While summertime may be the time for vacations when it comes to homeownership there is no real vacation. Homes must be maintained and looked after throughout the year and summertime is no exception. In this article about summertime home maintenance tips Kyle Hiscock provides ten areas where homeowners can keep up on the condition of their home. Not only will keeping a well maintained home ensures years of worry free living it will also help keep the value of a home up as well.

Where To Find Real Homes For Sale In My Location

With the fast paced real estate market that we have today, finding homes to view and possibly make an offer on can be challenging. As soon as something pops up on the market it can be under contract right away. There are plenty of different websites to find homes for sale on and many of those sites offer the information for free. If any site asks for money to see special homes or to see a list of foreclosed home and/or short sales chances are they just want your money and will give you information that is very old or just plain inaccurate. Instead to find homes that are currently on the market in your location you need to follow the tips as laid out in this article by Paul Sian.

Making Sure Your Home For Sale Is Clutter Free

Even though homes are selling at record pace in some areas that does not mean home sellers should put their home on the market in whatever condition it is and expect to get top dollar. In fact homes still need to be organized, cleaned and staged. One of the most critical aspects of staging is making sure a home is de-cluttered. De-cluttering means that homebuyers can see the home for what it is rather than see all the stuff accumulated as Anita Clark points out in her article with tips on decluttering a home. By keeping a home clean and free of distractions buyers will be more likely to fall in love and make an offer.

Do I Need My Own Representation When Buying A Home?

Sometimes homebuyers might be under the false impression that they can save money or save time by dealing directly with the real estate agent who is working for a home seller. In fact the agent working for the home seller is already committed to paying for a buyer’s agent and usually will not be able to represent the buyer to the fullest extent possible and this can be problematic as Kevin Vitali points out in his article about whether using the seller’s real estate agent will save money. The risks run higher for homebuyers who chose not to have their own representation and there is very little savings if any to get as well.


Know of any other great real estate reads others would enjoy? Please share them in the comments below and let us know why it appeals to you!

The Real Estate Roundup For July 2017 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Real Estate Agent Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 10 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

Welcome Debbie, your article was very informative and I am sure many do not know that they should reseal grout on a regular basis.

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