Real Estate Roundup For June 2017
Real Estate Roundup For June 2017
Real Estate Roundup For June 2017

June 2017 Real Estate Roundup

Real Estate Roundup For June 2017

For a while there blogging was all the latest rage and many real estate professionals were encouraged to do it. Share information of value and the readers will come. As can be seen by many of the ghost town blogs where nothing has been written for years those writers learned it takes time and effort to blog about any topic. On the other hand all the articles in this list and from these authors are from individuals who have made the commitment to keep blogging and provide rich insightful commentary on a regular basis. So be sure to check out some of these great reads from the month of June 2017 and to keep checking back with these real estate bloggers for more great content.

6 Reasons Your Home Has Not Sold

If in this fast and furious real estate market if your home has not sold within the first couple of weeks of it being listed on the market chances are there are some issues that may need to be addressed in order to get it sold. Shannon Holmes writes about six reasons why a home has not sold and offers up some savvy solutions in order to avoid those problems. If confronted by the prospect of a home sitting unsold the tips in this article will help homeowners quickly recover and get the home sold.

13 Home Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Buying a home is a long-term investment. Buy the wrong home or buy a home for the wrong reasons and you may be suffering from remorse or guilt for sometime to come and with no easy way to change the situation. Hence the reason for Luke Skar’s article 13 buying mistakes that first time home shoppers should avoid. Buy a home you can afford today and one that meets your actual needs versus how you feel about the home are some of the insightful tips provided in the article making it a must read not only for first time home buyers but even for those who have bought in the past.

Starting A Neighborhood Watch

So you just bought a home or currently live in a home and may be concerned about criminal activity happening in your neighborhood. The answer to that is get together with your neighbors and form a neighborhood watch in order to keep a presence out and about to deter any wrong doers. Teresa Cowart provides some insightful tips on how to go about forming a neighborhood watch and the benefits involved with having a local neighborhood watch. The article itself provides some great tips and talking points to share with your neighbors if you do decide to go that route.

6 Reasons Why Your Luxury Home Has Not Sold Yet

Just because it is a luxury home and has all the latest and greatest features a home should have does not mean the luxury home will sell any easier. There are still areas where luxury home sellers can get tripped up if they don’t approach the sale properly as this article from Paul Sian via points out. Six important reasons why your luxury home has not sold covers the critical reasons for the lack of offers from buyers and provides some excellent solutions for avoiding and/or fixing those problems.

Boosting A Home’s Value

If you are a home seller looking to boost the value right before sale the tips in this next article provides some easy ways to do just that. Lynn Pineda provides four excellent insights in order to boost the visual appeal and value in homebuyer’s eyes. By boosting one’s home value homebuyers will be more likely to fall in love with your home and make an offer as those tips for boosting the value also boost the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Here are ten thoughts as to why your home is not selling. Whether the issue is poor marketing, overpricing, MIA agent or more Bill Gassett takes home sellers through ten areas they should be aware that could cause the failure of a home sale. People need homes and homes do sell, if your home is not selling that means the market is telling you something about the current condition, price or marketing of your home. Pay attention to the signs in order to get your home sold as pointed out in this article.

Determining The Value Of A Home

The market value of a home is determined based on a number of different factors. The amount paid for a home or the amount invested into a home does play a role in the market value but is not the sole determining factor of market value as Nicole Happel points out in her article about determining a home’s value. In fact there are a number of different considerations to be made in order to determine a home’s value as pointed out in this article.

Should I Sell My Home When There May Not Be Another One To Buy?

In this time of fast moving house sales some home sellers worry that if they sell their home they will be stuck without another home to move into. The issue is then when homes are selling quickly to not list a home on the market could mean a lost sale or getting less money for your home when the market is not that hot. That still leaves the issue of what a home seller should do if they are concerned about selling and not being able to get another home after they sell. Kyle Hiscock addresses that in his article about selling a home during a hot market and provides some sensible solutions to the problem.

Outdoor Staging For When Your Home Is On Sale

When homeowners prepare their home for sale a lot of effort is prepared at getting the inside of the home ready so buyers are happy to see the inside. The outside of the home deserves a good amount of attention as well in terms of preparation and staging as Kevin Vitali points out. To many homebuyers the outside of the home is just as important as the inside as they plan on spending just as much time outside when the weather permits. These excellent tips from Kevin gives home sellers a great starting point for getting their outside areas to shine for homebuyers.

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The Real Estate Roundup For June 2017 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Real Estate Agent Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connection. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 10 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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