Why Cincinnati is an Affordable Place to Call Home
Why Cincinnati is an Affordable Place to Call Home
Why Cincinnati is an Affordable Place to Call Home

Why Cincinnati is an Affordable Place to Call Home

Why Cincinnati is an Affordable Place to Call Home

There’s something about Cincinnati, OH, that’s uniquely American. From the elaborate architecture and landmarks, like Music Hall on Elm Street, to places like the art deco style Union Terminal in the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati holds something special. Maybe its because Cincinnati is home to many literary figures, professional athletes and two former presidents.

It’s all of these features, as well as its hundreds of years of history that stretch so far away from America’s coastal cities, which makes the Queen City the first truly American city. A city you’ll be excited to call your new home.

Cincinnati Real Estate

Cincinnati has an excellent real estate market right now, whether you’re looking for an apartment downtown, a family house in Pleasant Ridge, or a small one bedroom in North College Hill. For prices as low as $80,000, you’ll be able to afford a home that’s no more than 40 years old, with a big yard and multiple bedrooms; compare that deal with some of the more coastal city offerings and you’ll be amazed at the price difference. Plus, with those cities just a short drive away, you’ll get to take advantage of all the coast’s offerings without paying the price.

Cincinnati was also recently ranked as the number one city in the US for single women because of its affordable housing – which is “70 percent more affordable than the next 10 markets,” – dining options, walkability, and low crime statistics.

Cincinnati Neighborhoods

Despite being spread across diverse landscapes, you’ll find each neighborhood offers residents spacious parks, an assortment of small shops and retailers, diverse dining options, and active community boards.

One of these great neighborhoods is Mount Adams. It’s found east of the city’s downtown area and features picturesque views that are perfect for an evening walk. Housing around here tends to be more expensive and the steep, narrow streets give everything a more small-town and intimate feel.

Complimenting the Old World-feel of Mount Adams is Northside, a hip and Trendy version of Mount Adams (just this year, they opened a discotheque!). There’s a strong sense of community in Northside, with pride in their history of activism and inclusivity.

Contrasting Mount Adams and Northside are areas like Newport, the city’s entertainment district, and Downtown, the heart of the city. Residents and tourists alike frequent these neighborhoods because of their numerous attractions, fine dining options, and specialty stores.

Cincinnati Schools

The city’s public school system operates over 50 schools and has nearly 35,000 student enrolled, but the interesting aspect is that a number of these schools are specialty academies, Montessori schools, or STEM-centered schools. If you need to find what schools are in the area you’re looking to move to, the school finder is an excellent tool.

Whether you’re looking forward to packing up your kid’s clothes for college or looking to go back to school yourself, you’re in luck. Cincinnati is fortunate to be home to almost 50 colleges, from the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences in the heart of the city to larger institutions like the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University and Miami University. If you move here and establish residency, the in-state tuition rates are affordable compared to many schools. Otherwise, you can be sure to save in other areas, like housing and transportation costs.

Cincinnati Eats

You should add Over-the-Rhine’s Findlay Market at the top of your list. The market is the hub for many vendors and restaurants throughout the city. It’s a great, inexpensive way to taste some of the city’s best offerings. Not only will you be able to sample multi-generational family recipes and support local restaurateurs, but you’ll also be able to take part in their food festivals and weekly special events.

Cincinnati’s status as one of the first truly American cities doesn’t exclude it from cultural influences. In fact, because Toyota used to have its North American headquarters in Cincinnati, there’s a notable Japanese influence in the area. If you’re looking for some quality and authentic Japanese food, including sushi, taking the 20 minute drive out to Florence and Erlanger for Matsuya, Jo An, or Miyoshi is well worth it. For the best “bang for your buck” check out Mr. Sushi, where you’ll find all the sushi rolls are half price after 4 p.m.

Residents here are also big fans of food festivals. While there’s always the popular and now longest running culinary arts festival, the Taste of Cincinnati, the months of June and August are happy to host smaller events like the Panegyri Greek Festival and Taste of Blue Ash.

If you’re around in September, there is no excuse for not attending the three-day Oktoberfest downtown. It’s the second-largest Oktoberfest in the world and features 200 different German dishes from dozens of vendors, wiener dog races, polka music, dances, and all the beer you can imagine drinking.

The city also has an appetite for late-night food, from Camp Washington Chili’s historic chili and double deckers to Gilpin’s steamed sandwiches, salads and veggies. It’s a great way to spend those last few dollars after your night out on town.

Get Ready To Call Cincinnati Home

Almost ready to call Cincinnati your new home? You’re not alone, so check out all the things to do in Cincinnati and start making plans to settle down. You’ll be sure to find all the activities and attractions the city has offers to be worth the move, plus you’ll probably save some money too.

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