7 Tips for Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In
7 Tips for Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In
7 Tips for Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In

Moving to a new place is exciting. You have a fresh canvas for expressing your creativity and designing your dream home. But, before you get to the fun part, you will have to tackle the basics. And that is, giving your new abode a deep clean. Whether renting or buying, cleaning your new home before moving in is undoubtedly necessary. And, you have a significant advantage of having the place clutter-free, so you will not have to go around furniture and moving boxes. Besides, if you approach the task in an organized manner, you will have your new home sparkling clean in a day or two. So, here are seven tips to help you reach your objective on the matter with ease.

Stash on cleaning supplies

You might be the lucky owner of a new home, looking forward to just moving and settling in. However, your personal home buyer’s timeline certainly does not end with purchasing the property. Cleaning before moving in is essential for multiple reasons. Even if you are moving to a brand-new place, you have to dust it off before settling in. 

So, apart from a pair of helping hands, make sure you have a full collection of cleaning supplies. Make a checklist to ensure you have everything you need on hand once you roll up your sleeves. Apart from sanitizing supplies, rubber gloves, and a vacuum cleaner, remember to grab some trash bags. Once you have all the cleaning props you need, you are all set for cleaning your new home before moving in.

Pest control, extermination, and prevention

Before moving into your new place, make sure that you and your loved ones are the only ones that make a home of it. You should check for pests, and if you are in doubt, it is best to hire an exterminator. Also, once you have moved in, it is better to fix a bee problem before it gets more serious. If there are some uninvited guests in your home-to-be, a professional exterminator will help you eliminate them. Besides, consider spraying against pests as part of the pre-moving in cleaning action.

Start cleaning from the top down

Areas close to the ceiling tend to be sources of dust and dirt in the household. Ceiling fans, shelving, and overhead fixtures are as prone to getting grimy as all other parts of the living space. Still, it’s not often that we get round to cleaning them. Thus, before you move in, start cleaning your new home from the top down. In doing so, you will inevitably send the filth down towards the floor. Hence, leaving the bottom for last will save you some work. While you are on this task, you can check the batteries in the smoke detector and change the air filters as well.

Polish the fridge

There is no better way of making your new house feel like a home than having your kitchen all set up and functional. And the most convenient spot to start cleaning is the fridge. This, of course, will be relatively easy, as it’s empty, and you only need to sanitize it. Besides, having the fridge in your new home clean will allow you to stash on some food and start feeling like home already.

Finish with cleaning the kitchen

When you are in the kitchen, you may as well finish cleaning the area completely. This way, you will tick it off the list and focus on cleaning the rest of your new home. This will be much easier of a project than remodeling the kitchen per se. So, after cleaning the fridge, proceed with other large appliances, and give the countertops a good elbow grease. With the kitchen squeaky clean, you can proceed with polishing other areas of your new home before moving in.

Have the bathroom spick and span

A clean restroom is more than just having the surfaces spotless and sparkling. Make a point to disinfect your new bathroom to get rid of lingering germs. Use a sponge soaked in soap and warm water to give all the bathroom tops a good rub. As for the toilet seats, it is best to change them with new ones. It is a small expense and the safest way to ensure they are as clean as possible. Try the lemon juice trick to get rid of hard water stains on metal hardware. The acid in fresh lemons effectively dissolves the stains, so you will have the faucets and other metal parts shining like new.

The final touches

The kitchen and the bathroom are those areas of every household that are utilized most frequently. And even when you are cleaning your new house before moving in, these will require the most effort. Once you are done with that part, the rest is a breeze. You can proceed with washing the windows and window treatments and the interior of closets. The main task you will be left with is swiping off the floor surfaces and vacuuming them. Besides, the most effective way to clean the carpets is using a steam cleaner. You can enlist professional services for this one or rent a steam cleaner from a hardware store.

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Final thoughts on cleaning your new home before moving in

Although there are quite a few steps to ensure you are moving into a tidy new home, those mentioned above will help you tackle the task in the easiest way possible. So, take note, and cleaning your new home before moving in will be a breeze.

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