4 Extremely Creative Airbnb Themes
4 Extremely Creative Airbnb Themes
4 Extremely Creative Airbnb Themes

You may be a beginner to the world of being an Airbnb owner. That’s okay. We are here to help. If you want to attract customers. But still, add a little bit of your personality to the property we got you. Here are some creative ones. Yet practical Airbnb themes we thought you might like. Grab a blanket and sit back. These themes are something out of a vacation dream.

Cabin Fever

Not all of us are as lucky to live in a region where it’s always sunny. But luckily, there are other options for those who reside in snowy areas. Opposite of a luxurious beach theme, the goal is to make your customer feel cozy. Think of staying at Grandma’s type of cozy. Here are some ideas:

  • Wooden Beams Common rustic elements, elegant and country feel best used in rooms where everyone gathers together. (Living room, kitchen)
  • Reclaimed wood Authentic feel, the multiple textures remind you that you came here to relax.
  • Fireplaces and Stone Fireplaces are essential, and stone is just another great addition to a backsplash or a mantle.
  • Nature Colors Blue, yellow. None of those bright colors. Rustic is more of a neutral scheme. Think of colors you would see in nature. (dark green, brown, ivory white)

Beach Temperament

Once you fall asleep in this beach villa, you’ll probably wake up on the coast with a coconut in your hand. The point of beach themes is to make sure it feels like the beach is just outside your window. Here is how you can do that:

  • Peaceful Colors Decorating with the right colors is crucial to satisfying customers. Think colors of the beach. Peachy sands, softened greens, watery blues. There is no coastal theme without the usage of smooth whites.
  • Natural Fibers, Elegance Over Everything Furnishing can be hard. But with coastal themes, it’s pretty simple. Natural fibers like seagrass, cane, and rattan are all excellent choices. Emphasis on white linens they’re what makes a coastal cottage feel luxurious.
  •  Nature’s Elements Woodwork is part of every housing property. The best way you can emphasize the beach feel is to use white painted woodwork. Think whitewashed, driftwood tones, bamboo. Even better, incorporate native organisms. For illustration, organisms like Ferns, seagrass, starfish, shells.
  • Decorate Around The Environment Sunlight. It’s what keeps every organism alive. It makes sense people like to go where there’s a lot of it. Make sure the windows of your Airbnb can incorporate lots of sunlight. You never want a beach home to be gloomy 

City Dweller’s Dream

The Big Apple, otherwise known as New York City, is one of the most popular cities in America. How can your Airbnb compare to a place like that or similar? Instead of focusing on a modern feel, why not try minimalism?

  • Minimalistic Designs Minimalistic designs still focus on being modern but instead brings out a new theme to the room. Like an art gallery. How would it feel to wake up to such a simple situation? But an organized house? It’s light on the eyes. That’s why we recommend it. Americans have nearly the highest working hours of any citizen. Simplistic designs like these help you finally just take a step back and enjoy all you’ve done.
  •  How to Design There shouldn’t be any bright hardwood or bright colors besides art you want to include on the wall. Cities have tons of inspiring artists. You build a relationship with the city and Airbnb by buying art. Light neutral colors are best. White unstained hardwood and gray furniture stray away from the usual modern aspects.

What You Wished Your Childhood Room looked like

Now, if there are already too many rustic, casual, and coastal Airbnbs, it might be time to take a risk. What did you want your room to look like as a kid? Racecar bed? A pillow fort? A slide? Well, now that you’re an adult, we can make a couple things work.

  • Choose A Theme When choosing a team, try to pick one that resonates with the area. For example, if you’re located near Disney World. A pirate theme might suit your style and is affordable. Think if it is photogenic, something that will bring customers.
  •  Utilizing Rooms Now, using a pirate theme as an example. Think of the rooms you could utilize and materials. A pirate-themed bedroom is perfect. The red fabric and the ship-like interior make you feel like a wealthy pirate. Among the treasure, the regalness reminds you of your childhood imagination, what it would feel like to be on a ship.
  •  Be Unique Airbnb is all about being different. What can you provide that no one else can? New owners may want to play it safe with the classic rustics, coastal, or big city designs. But, at the end of the day, there will be a lot of Airbnbs just like yours. Expensive designs might beat yours. But what you don’t have in money, you can make up with creativity.

Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Cash Offer Kentucky. We buy houses in Louisville, KY. Alex has been writing for the real estate industry for several years. Cash Offer Kentucky focuses on single-family and small multi-family houses.

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