7 Tips for Spotting a Home with Potential
7 Tips for Spotting a Home with Potential
7 Tips for Spotting a Home with Potential

Shopping for a home is an exciting yet very stressful and challenging process. Sometimes, it can feel as though you’ll be searching forever because no matter how many properties you see, none of them feels just right. However, it could be that something is preventing you from seeing the real potential of the property. Whether it’s the bright pink walls or patterned carpeting that’s hurting your eyes, it’s essential to find ways to look past those flaws and see the property for what it can be. As spotting a home with potential is not always easy, we’ve prepared seven simple tips for you. Hopefully, they’ll help make looking for your new Cincinnati home as easy and simple as possible.

Spotting a Cincinnati home with potential

Home hunting is never easy, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Many homes you see will be staged in a way that’s not appealing to your taste and thus make you overlook their true potential. However, focusing your attention on the property’s more structural components may be enough to spark your imagination and help you see past what are essentially minor flaws.

Therefore, keep in mind that it’s possible to convert a property to fit you and your family flawlessly with a bit of work and ingenuity. So, when going home viewing, always try to view it for what it can be. Our seven tips below will assist you in evaluating a property and recognizing its true potential.

#1 Focus on location

One of the things that should be on top of your home-hunting list is location. It’s the one thing about a home that no amount of makeover magic can change. So, in case you come across a property with a fantastic view in your ideal location, it can be worth stacking the odds in your favor and considering what negatives you can turn into positives.

Nowadays, most Ohio neighborhoods have good access to all necessary amenities. However, before you call your movers to help handle the entire process, you must find a neighborhood with the amenities that suit you and your needs. So, focus on different aspects of location vital for your day-to-day life, such as proximity to good schools, work, friends, family, and similar.

#2 Disregard the furniture

When seeing a home, buyers are frequently turned off by the furniture, wall colors, or draperies. But remember – you’re not purchasing the content or the owner’s taste. The aesthetic modifications such as new floor coverings, light fixtures, and color schemes are very simple, quick repairs that can completely change the home’s feel.

Consider the home with your own furniture and a fresh color palette, ignoring any clutter or aesthetic gaffes. Also, take a careful look at bathrooms and kitchens – these are large ticket items. If they’re in good shape, modest changes may be all that you need to give them a fresh look.

#3 Consider the site property

Another thing to remember is that sites may come with extra acreage or building amenities. This could open up different possibilities for you. Buying a property with enough area to grow allows you to consider potential additions, garages, external offices, and even rentable structures.

#4 Take a good look at the floor plans

If a property you’re looking for has a flexible floor plan, consider it a big plus. It gives you the option of adapting multifunctional rooms to meet the demands of growing or aging families, which can be pretty beneficial. Flexible ground floor rooms are one aspect of flexible floor designs to keep an eye out for. These spaces can be used as bedrooms, dens, or offices.

Large, open-plan family rooms, hallway storage places, and nooks provide many options, too. Keep an eye out for the possibility of a suite or flat being developed on the premises. It would be an excellent solution for elderly parents or returning adult children.

#5 Focus on spotting a home with storage potential

Take a close look around the property to see how much built-in storage there is, as well as space for storage and upgrades. It’s critical to equal, if not surpass, your present storage capacity requirements. Built-in bathroom cabinets, hallway airing or linen cupboards, built-in bedroom closets, sheds, and huge garages are all features to look for.

#6 Don’t let the curb appeal fool you

The curb appeal of a home can significantly impact how you perceive the rest of the property. It may even make you decide not to take a look inside. However, try not to do this, as curb appeal is often something you can improve without a lot of effort. Examine the fencing and gate, front path, front door access, and overall presentation to determine what you can improve.

If the property hasn’t been well-maintained, consider what it would look like if it were. To see whether you can change the property into something you like, imagine how it would appear with a makeover, some feature plants, a designated outdoor living area, or some shelter. Trust us – if you slightly change your perspective, you’ll be writing an offer for a home in no time.

#7 Look for bonus features

A lot of homes come with character features or different modern bonuses. However, a lot of people overlook their value and fail to think of ways to take advantage of it.

Caption: Remodeling the old fireplace is a good investment as this feature can raise your home value by as much as $12,000.

Alt-tag: Fireplace covered with light-colored stone with a framed picture on it and a house plant on its right side.

So, make sure to keep a lookout for exposed beams, historic fireplaces, and original tiling. The property’s historical and decorative interest is enhanced by features that have been retained in excellent shape. On the other hand, if you are more into modern features, look for homes with built-in smart home technology or carbon-reduction technologies.

Spotting a home with potential

As you can see, spotting a home with potential can be pretty easy. If you know what to focus your attention on, that is. It can be even easier if you have an experienced professional on your side to help. So, before you start your real estate adventure, consider getting in touch with your Cincinnati Realtor®. They’ll ensure you have a smooth process and complete this process as a satisfied fresh homeowner.

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