How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn
How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn
How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Anyone who has a healthy, attractive lawn is certainly proud of it. Yes, it looks great, but to make it appear the way it does a lot of hard work is required. You just cannot expect your lawn to look nice and green without putting in efforts. But if you are ready to be dedicated, invest time, and a little hard work, then your lawn will look happy, green, and healthy.

Now that you are ready to give in your best, start following these tips and the look of your lawn will change in no time at all.

Get rid of existing weeds

The modern grass mixtures are pretty competitive and they generally crowd out the weeds on their own. If you still notice too many weeds popping up then this perhaps can be because your grass is weak. This, in turn, may mean your soil is waterlogged or deficient, or maybe you are cutting the grass way too short.

Even healthy lawns do have weeds but this should not be a cause of worry if they are present in small numbers. In such cases, you simply need to pull up the weeds by your hand or using a weeder. If the weed problem is intense then you may need to use a low-toxicity herbicide. Just spray on those areas where too many weeds have popped up.

Start dethatching

You will find thatch material present between grassroots and blades. Thatch basically is made up of products from crowns, sheath, leaf, and stems that resist decay.

Just a little thatch is helpful as it blocks evaporation and that preserves water in the soil, but if there is excessive thatch build-up then it can prevent water and air from reaching the soil. You then will need to rake it up or use a power dethatcher and get rid of the thatch.

Aerate the lawn

If the soil gets compacted because of mowing, traffic, or due to other reasons then it becomes difficult for oxygen to reach the microbes. If you want your lawn to remain healthy, you should aerate it on a regular basis so that the compacted soil can open up.

Power and manual core-aerators help remove small sections of soil and create shallow holes. Organic material, water, and air move through these holes and invigorate the soil. If your lawn gets compacted severely due to heavy traffic then you should aerate it every fall or spring.

Throw grass seeds where necessary

If you notice areas with thin grass problem then you need to overseed the area or your entire lawn with grass seeds during early fall or early spring. You can take the help of a broadcast seed spreader to throw the seeds in an even manner.

Water properly

You must water your grass deeply so that the roots can grow well but if you water too frequently then it may only harm your lawn. It will be a good idea to use a sprinkler system that will efficiently and accurately water your lawn always, leaving you with no reason to worry about the right amount.

Do not forget to fertilize

Fertilizers offer the much-needed nutrients to the soil and through the soil, the grass too will be able to enjoy the benefits that these fertilizers can provide. Remember, if you mow on a regular basis then your grass will enjoy a quicker growth and thus you will need to offer it more nutrients.

A great way to fertilize will be to spread commercial slow-acting fertilizer one to two times every year. Such fertilizers release beneficial nutrients slowly over several months and thus are a great option.

Mow grass the right way

You do not need to scalp the lawn but only remove so much to make sure the warm-season grasses remain at a height of 2-2.5-inches and cool-season grasses at nearly 3-inches or a little taller.

The mowing height should also vary in different seasons. During summers it will be best to allow the grass to grow longer so that its shade will keep the soil cool. In winter, spring, and fall it will be good to mow closer as there is enough water and the temperature is cool.

To Conclude 

Yes, you have to keep in mind every detail that has been mentioned above. Yes, you will need to take really close and good care. Yes, you need to be regular and careful. This may sound to be way too much but when you see your lawn looking perfectly green and beautiful all your efforts will then prove to be worth it.

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