January 2018 Real Estate Roundup
January 2018 Real Estate Roundup
January 2018 Real Estate Roundup

January 2018 Real Estate Roundup

January 2018 Real Estate Roundup

With a new year and new real estate articles the quality bloggers still keep putting out informative articles that are shared by many. This is by no means an all-inclusive list as that could get into the thousands of blogs. This list does however cover some of the great blog articles that provide detailed real estate information as well as tips to help homebuyers, home sellers, investors and more.

The Decision To Sell Or Rent A Home

Whether the real estate market is hot and you don’t want to sell your home because you think it will be worth more later, or the market is cold and you don’t want to sell at a loss you do have a choice of renting the home rather than selling it. The consideration of selling a home versus renting instead does involve a number of aspects that need to be taken into account and are expertly presented by Anita Clark in her article about whether to sell or rent a home. The financial and property management considerations could help a homeowner decide one way or the other whether it makes sense for them.

Pricing Your Home High For Negotiation Purposes

In some markets where haggling is common the seller may intentionally set their asking price high for an item under the assumption that buyers will negotiate the price down. While this may work for some things being sold it often does not work for real estate. Buyers go into the home shopping process with a tight budget range based on their pre-approval from a mortgage lender. Knowing their upper limit buyers will not be shopping above that range in hopes of finding a home where they can negotiate the price down as Karen Highland points out in her article. Price a home accurately so you can make sure the right buyer who can afford it is the one who actually sees the home.

Should You Get A Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Having your home inspected prior to putting it up for sale can save some time and hassle when it comes negotiating with a buyer on the purchase of your home. Major home inspection issues can be taken care of before the home hits the market so there is one less issue to worry about with any potential buyers. Bill Gassett provides some excellent insight into the positives and negatives of having a pre-listing home inspection and what to generally expect if you have one.

Getting Ready For The Springtime Real Estate Market

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home during the spring there is a lot to take in during the process. With that in mind Eileen Anderson has compiled some excellent real estate articles for both homebuyers and sellers in order to help get them up to speed with real estate. In many markets the spring is when the most homebuyers and home sellers are out in full force ready to make a deal. By being prepared and knowing how the process works you can save time and make sure the deal to buy or sell a home moves smoothly.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

One of the areas where a higher return on investment can be had is from a bathroom remodel. An old outdated bathroom remodeled can add value to a home that is about to go on sale. In this article by Sharon Paxson she provides some excellent tips for making sure a bathroom remodel goes smoothly. Whether you are doing a complete tear down and remodel or more of a resurface remodel the tips in this article will help guide you towards a better finished product that everyone can appreciate.

Avoiding The Nightmare Home

With the real estate market as hot as it has been in recent years the number of individuals getting into the fix and flip business is expanding again. What that means is investors with cash to spare are buying up older, run down homes and fixing them up in hopes of selling for a profit. Whether those homes were properly fixed up and safe to live in or are instead major expensive headaches waiting to happen is up for debate. Kevin Vitali provides some excellent insights on how homebuyers can avoid the money pit rehab house in his article.

Joy Bender

Recapping some great reads from the fourth quarter of 2017 Joy Bender brings us 26 great real estate reads. These bloggers represent some of the superstars of real estate and they all provide information packed articles that can keep you informed on new and old topics. A small sampling of some of the articles includes write ups on smart homes, dealing with flooding in a home, smart flooring options, mortgages and more.

Selling A Tenant Occupied Home

Whether you own a single family residence or own a multi-family building the question becomes should you attempt to sell that home with the tenants currently in the property. With a multi-family building it may make sense to have one vacant unit in order to make showings easier and leave the remaining tenants in place. On the other hand there are various pros and cons of selling a single family home with a tenant in place as Michelle Gibson explores in her latest article.

Smart Tips For Moving With Less Headache

The process of moving after selling or buying a home can be made easy or difficult depending on how it is done. This article from Maria Mastrolanardo dives into the topic of moving after buying or selling a home and provides some great tips to help that process go more smoothly. By going in with a plan the moving process can be much easier from packing to unpacking.

What Does The New Tax Law Mean For You

The new tax law changes had a direct impact on real estate. What this means for homeowners is examined in this article by Paul Sian about the tax laws changes for real estate. In the article the new deduction limits, mortgage rule changes, and more are discussed. By being informed about the tax laws homebuyers, sellers and investors can better position themselves when the time comes

Final Thoughts

Which of these articles did you find most informative? Have any others to add to the list? Please include them in the comments below and please consider sharing this article and any of the articles you liked within your own social circles.

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