January 2019 Real Estate Roundup
January 2019 Real Estate Roundup
January 2019 Real Estate Roundup
January 2019 real estate roundup

January 2019 Real Estate Roundup

The process of selling or buying real estate is a quite involved process.  Due to all the laws and requirements it can take at least a couple of weeks if not more to complete the entire purchase process.  The articles presented in this Roundup do a great job of guiding both buyers and sellers in that process so they can ensure their transaction is a successful one.

What To Know About The Home Inspection Process

Whether you are buying or selling a home it makes sense to know about the home inspection process as Bill Gassett points out.  From a seller’s perspective the home inspection could be the make or break event for your house sale.  Addressing major issues before hand can help prevent the home sale from falling through. As a buyer a home inspection will tell you about the quality of the home you will be buying and whether you should continue with the purchase.  Both the buyer and seller can benefit from a successful home inspection.

How Can I Sell My Home?

Everyone’s home may not be perfect when it comes time to consider selling but that does not mean you should let those imperfections hold you back as Lynn Pineda explains.  In her article about home selling concerns she provides many insightful solutions as to how homeowners can overcome the can’t do it mindset and set plans underway to get it done.  When you are ready to sell your home don’t leave anything to chance, address all the issues that you need to work on so homebuyers fall in love with your home.

Great Tips For First Time Homebuyers

Getting everything in order prior to buying your first home can help ensure a successful purchase. By knowing about the process up front you can prevent from going in with unreal expectations which can lead to disappointment or worse missing out on what could have been a great house for you. In this article from Kevin Vitali he provides twelve tips for first time homebuyers that will help homebuyers with things like understanding credit, not chasing unrealistic homes, working with the right professional and more.

Stuff To Put Away During An Open House

When planning on having an open house to sell a home it is always a good idea to move or put away things that can distract potential buyers or become the object or someone’s desire who is only looking for something easy to take.  In her article Sharon Paxson provides a list of ten things that are best put away during an open house.  Some things need to be put away so they don’t turn up missing and others need to be put away so the house can be seen without any distractions.

Sell Now Or In The Spring

Many homeowners who are wanting to sell their home this year are probably going through the same thought process, should I sell my home now or come spring time? There are different pros and cons to selling now versus selling in the spring as Michelle Gibson points out.  If your home is ready now to be put on the market then taking advantage of the time when there is less competition and more help available may be the smarter move than waiting. 

First Time Homebuyer Closing Checklist

Buying a home can be a challenging process with a lot of steps and actions that need to be taken before you get to the closing table.  Danny Margagliano does an excellent job of breaking out the critical pre-closing steps buyers need to be aware of in his article.  Homebuyers needs to keep an eye on all the activities in order make sure closing happens timely so that the entire purchase does not get derailed and this article is a great for helping buyers do just that.

Mortgage Lending Pitfalls To Watch Out For

With a majority of home purchases happening with the use of a mortgage it is helpful to understand how a mortgage works and what actions or events can cause problems with the application process as Bob Gordon points out.  Financing issues are one of the main areas where a contract to purchase a home can fall apart.  Additionally mortgage loan products and the interest rate charged to the loan will vary based on credit score and other factors.  By learning about the mortgage process before you apply you can make sure you set yourself up for success.

How Driverless Cars Will Change Real Estate In The Future

With driverless car technology rapidly advancing it is only a matter of time that driverless cars transition from test cities and test platforms to everyday use.  As self-driving vehicles become more common real estate will change as we know it.  From shopping kiosks that actually come to your home to the self-driving car you can order on demand rather than having a car always in your garage will open up space and change the way we shop.  Check out this article on How Driverless Cars Will Change Real Estate to learn more. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this month’s collection of Real Estate Roundup articles.  If you know of any other noteworthy real estate articles or real estate blog authors feel free to mention them in the comments below. 

The Real Estate Roundup For January 2019 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 11 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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