July 2018 Real Estate Roundup
July 2018 Real Estate Roundup
July 2018 Real Estate Roundup

july 2018 real estate roundup

July 2018 Real Estate Roundup

The year has flown by fast and many homes have sold faster due to the high demand in many areas around the U.S.  There is still time to buy or sell a house before we get to the winter slow down and start seeing fewer homes and fewer buyers on the market.  Whether you want to buy a home or sell your home the tips in these articles from the month of July 2018 are sure to help you be successful in your goals.

Tips For Downsizing Your Home

Maybe you are empty nesters looking to reduce your living footprint or you want to save on your energy and tax bills by living in a smaller home.  Whatever the reason there is a right way to downsize your home and these great tips from Bill Gassett provide some smart ideas for downsizing your home.  Waiting too long, not having a good plan, trying to take everything you currently have with you can all lead down a path of a frustrating attempt at downsizing.  Be sure to check out Bill’s article to find out more of how to downsize in the best possible way.

Using Instagram Influencer Marketing For Selling Your Luxury Home

Maybe you have never thought about it before but using Instagram influencers for marketing your home can be a great way to generate buzz right as your home goes to market. In her article about Instagram influencer marketing and selling a home Joy Bender provides some great reasons of why it works.  You don’t have to go with the Instagram influencer with the most followers as well, there are many ways to work with micro Instagram influencers who are not necessarily a local celebrity but who do have a good size following on Instagram.

Install A Fence To Improve The Value Of Your Home

Fences and homes are often thought to be mainly used for the purposes of keeping pets in the yards or for securing your property from random people walking by.  Fences are also a great way to improve the value of your home through the increased sense of security and added curb appeal as Kyle Hiscock points out in his article about how fences increase the value of your home. Whether you are considering a fence for aesthetic reasons or for added security this article explains the pros and cons of fencing and your home.

Trying To Sell Your Home With Tenants

Trying to sell a home with tenants can add a level of complexity to an otherwise normal home sale since now showings must be coordinated with the tenants. Additionally tenants don’t always have it in their mind that they need to clean up for showings in order to make a good impression on the buyers.  In this article by Sharon Paxson she provides some excellent tips as to how to sell a home with a tenant in place and in the process also make sure everyone is happy.  After all a home will be very hard to sell if the tenant does not intend to cooperate in the process.

Should You Opt To Skip The Home Inspection?

Sometimes in a competitive market homebuyers may think that skipping a home inspection is a good idea since it will give them a competitive advantage over other buyers.  While indeed they may get a competitive advantage that advantage may quickly turn into a loss if something major with the home is discovered after you move in.  Kevin Vitali explores why waiving the home inspection is a horrible idea and provides some unique alternative solutions that may work out in a competitive seller’s market.

11 Common Reasons Why Your House May Not Have Sold Yet

So your home has been sitting on the market since spring in what has been an otherwise hot market and you are left confused as to what the problem may be.  In his latest article Luke Skar covers why homes fail to sell and what a homeowner can do about the problem.  While an unsold home can cause confusion for many homeowners, it is never too late to reset the process and get on your way to getting it sold.

Should You Buy An Older Home?

While well-constructed newer homes on the whole may have fewer issues to deal with over time, some homebuyers are still drawn to the charm of certain older homes.  Most new construction homes have a different look and feel to it compared to older homes.  In this article by Abraham Walker he discusses the pros and cons of buying an older home versus a new home.  Go in fully informed when buying any type of home that way you will be prepared for any challenges each home type will face.

Moving Trucks vs. Moving Containers

Moving containers are a more recent option in moving industry and they do allow homeowners to change the way they move and move things in phases rather than all at once. That being said whether moving containers or moving trucks are right for you is explored in depth by John Cunningham. John explores the pros and cons of moving containers and moving trucks to help those soon ready to move decide what will work best in their situation.

Selling A Luxury Home Safely and Securely

Due to the nature of a luxury home sometimes those who have no intention of buying have a desire to see the home.  For this reason luxury homeowners may opt for non-traditional methods to make sure that only those visiting the home are indeed qualified to buy the luxury home. In this article by Paul Sian the methods for selling a luxury home in a safe and secure way are explored in detail.  Whether there are accompanied showings, showings only with submission of pre-approval letter or one of the other tips presented in the article luxury homeowners will be happy to know that their home can be sold without too much disruption.

Final Thoughts

As the summer selling season starts to wane with fewer buyers looking for homes for sale that does not mean homes are not selling.  Homes still sell and buyers are still looking for that perfect home who may have missed out on the chance earlier in the year.  So don’t give up, keep your home and/or finances in order so you can be part of the next real estate transaction.

The Real Estate Roundup For July 2018 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 11 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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