May 2018 Real Estate Roundup
May 2018 Real Estate Roundup
May 2018 Real Estate Roundup

May 2018 Real Estate Roundup


May 2018 Real Estate Roundup

Looking for some great real estate articles to read?  Look no further as here are some great real estate articles that were published in the month of May 2018.   Still being the mid-spring selling season in many markets there are plenty of buyers looking for homes.  With interest rates starting to creep up as well many buyers are hoping to get a home before they get priced out.  The articles in this collection provide great tips, insights and more for homebuyers, home sellers, homeowners and more.

Stage A Home Or Leave It Vacant?

So you already moved out of your house and now have it on the market for sale.  The question you may be wondering about is whether it is okay to sell it while it is vacant or have it staged.  To help answer that question Bill Gassett provides a number of the advantages and disadvantages of selling a home staged versus vacant.  There is a lot at play when it comes to selling a home and sometimes based on the market (seller’s market versus buyer’s market) it may not make much difference. Be sure to check out Bill’s article to learn more about whether staging your vacant home for sale makes sense for you.

Dealing With Multiple Offers

Home sellers may find themselves in the position of having multiple offers on their home at the same time. While some may envy this situation others may be confused by all the options available and feel overwhelmed. The process of dealing with multiple offers is explained by Michelle Gibson.  Home sellers can try to work with all the offers present, focus on one offer, accept any of the offers given or maybe mistakenly think by ignoring all offers they may get something better.  Michelle’s article does a good job of explaining what can be done when confronting a multiple offer situation.

Great Marketing Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home

Selling a home is no easy task, add to that a home that is considered luxury in nature and the challenge increases since the potential pool of buyers shrinks even further. Most luxury homebuyers will not be paying attention to marketing for an average home but instead while focusing on buying a luxury home will expect to see luxury marketing for the luxury home. This article from Paul Sian explores some great ideas for marketing your luxury home. Paul also gets the opinions from expert luxury real estate agents and home stagers from around to world to give the best advice possible.

Tips For Updating Your Kitchen

Whether you want to update your kitchen to refresh the look for yourself or you want to make it look great for potential buyers when you put it on the market there is a right way to go about making the updates.  Sharon Paxson provides 8 important tips for updating a kitchen so homeowners make sure to do it right the first time.  Sharon provides some great tips whether you want to go all out or are looking to do cost effective updates that save time and money but still can deliver a new look.

Quick and Cost Effective Ways To Boost Your Home’s Appeal To Buyers

Getting a home ready for sale can be a never ending and expensive proposition if a homeowner so desires to go all out.  Not everyone wants or needs to go all out to sell their home and this article from Kyle Hiscock provides some great tips for homeowners to improve the look of their home quickly and cost effectively.  A home that looks good and appeals to buyers means a better chance of that home getting sold and getting sold without major reductions in pricing.

Money Saving Home Decoration Tips

After the initial expense of buying a home many new homeowners may be overwhelmed to find out that the cost of decorating and furnishing a home can take a big bite out of their budget.  Not to worry as Anita Clark has put together a great read providing tips on how to save money when decorating your home. The tips in this article are helpful for new homeowners as well as those who have been in their home for a while and are just looking to freshen up the look of their home.

Rental Property Repair Tax Deductions

Rental property owners have a few additional tax advantages compared to the average homeowner in that they may be able to deduct on their taxes repairs made to a rental property. The tax regulations do treat different regular repairs and home improvements though where certain home improvements are treated as capital upgrades, which don’t necessarily allow them to be fully deducted in the year the improvement was made.  In this article by Joe Boylan he covers the differences between simple repairs that may be fully deductible and home improvements, which may need to be deducted over a longer time period.

Smart Things To Do After Closing On Your Home

So you purchased your home and have finally moved in.  That does not mean your work ends there, homeownership involves much more and this article by Kevin Vitali explores thirteen things new homeowners should be doing after moving in.  By making sure to cover the basics from Kevin’s article you can ensure a smooth transition into your new home.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the May 2018 Real Estate Roundup collection of articles.  As always feel free to let us know which article was your favorite in the comments below and/or feel free to suggest your own favorite real estate articles that were not already listed above.

The Real Estate Roundup For May 2018 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 11 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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