November 2017 Real Estate Roundup
November 2017 Real Estate Roundup
November 2017 Real Estate Roundup

November 2017 Real Estate Roundup

November 2017 Real Estate Roundup

Coming towards the year end and what a great way to round out November than with some great real estate reads. Whether you want to buy or sell a home now or in the spring the articles in this month’s roundup include plenty of information to help both homebuyers, sellers and investors. Read on for some superb content from top notch bloggers around the net.

Bathroom Renovations For Selling Your Home

Bathrooms are one of those areas in your home where homeowners can get a pretty good rate of return for the right kinds of updates. What better way to get more value out of your home than by making some updates to the bathroom. Some of the tips provided by Anita Clark in her article about essential bathroom updates include both larger and smaller budget ideas. A refreshed bathroom or bathrooms will sell well to those homebuyers who are looking for the move-in ready home.

Things Professional Real Estate Agents Should Not Do

Unfortunately the bar to entry for licensed real estate agents is quite low in many states. As a result the quality or professionalism of agents may vary depending on who one meets. With that being said there are many high quality professional real estate agents like Bill Gassett who know the ins and outs of real estate and make sure to do their best for their clients. Bill writes about ten things a real estate agent should not do and describes in details the problems that can happen if they follow the contrary advice. When hiring an agent to help buy or sell a home this article can be a great guide to see if an agent is doing the best they should be doing.

Smart Tips For Selling That Multi-Family Home

Are you an inadvertent investor who got stuck with a multi-family home because you thought it would be a great investment or maybe you inherited it from a family member? Owning and managing a multi-family building is not an easy task as the constant day in and day out management of the building and tenants can become quite tiresome especially if you get a tenant who enjoys creating plenty of drama. Whatever the reason for selling the multi-family building you own, this article from Paul Sian provides some great tips for selling a multi-family building. Multi-family buildings are a bit different compared to selling a single family home so the tips in this article can help owners have a successful sale.

18 Important Tasks If You Inherited A Home

You have inherited a home and don’t know where to begin. Living in the home may not be an option due to the home’s location or to the fact that you already have a home and don’t want to move. This handy guide from Richard Witt details some important steps one must take after they inherit a home.  There are a number of legal and procedural requirements an heir must take after inheriting a home and this article serves as a good starting point to figure out what needs to be done with an inherited home.

Painting Wood Paneled Walls

Wood paneling on walls may have looked great at one point in time but with the current trend wood paneled walls are seen as a big downside in a home. Dark wood panels on walls not only make a room look darker but can also seem to make a room look smaller as well. Rather taking on the arduous task of removing the paneling and redoing the walls Debbie Gartner provides insights on painting wood paneled walls in your home. By painting the wood panels homeowners can brighten their rooms up and make it more appealing to buyers looking for modern touches in a home.

Should You Pay Attention To Real Estate Statistics?

The answer to the question is it depends. Statistics often times can be made to look legitimate based on how the information was gathered. Sure a particular agent can be the top sales agent in their office, of course if their office is only that agent and a full time manager then yes they will be the top agent in the office since they are the only agent doing most of real estate sales work in that office. Conor MacEvilly points out where statistics make sense and where the stats are instead is best ignored in his article. Done right statistics can be a valuable tool to help buyers or sellers learn about the current state of the market, done wrong and they could result in confusion by the reader.

What Buyers Wish They Could Have Known Before Buying That House

Buying a house can be a risky undertaking that is made more risky by certain behavior of the homebuyer. Overpay for a house, a home inspection report means repair every issue found, how much to save up for a down payment and more all have an impact on the purchase of a home. Lynn Pineda explores common homebuyer pitfalls that they will come across in her latest article and also takes a look at what should have been done. Learn the lesson from others and avoid these mistakes to make your home buying time a more productive one.

10 Surprising Reasons Why Selling A Home During The Holidays May Be A Good Idea

Just because it is the holidays does not mean homes are not selling. While there not may be as many homes available for sale there are still buyers looking for the right home and in fact those buyers looking during the holiday season are more likely to be serious buyers wanting a home now rather than home browsers looking for the latest house trend. As Eileen Anderson writes in her article about the benefits of selling a home during the holidays there are many positive aspects to listing your home now and getting it sold before the big rush of competing homes come to the market in the spring.

40 Great Home Staging Tips To Help Your Home Sell

Studies have shown that a staged home not only sells in less amount of time but can also sell for more money than the equivalent un-staged home. Staging helps the home shine online which in turn draws buyers in and that in turn causes them to want to visit the home. The more buyers who visit the home means a better chance of getting that perfect offer or getting more than one offer at the same time. In order to best stage a home Luke Skar provides home sellers with forty great home staging tips. These tips not only cover staging the inside of the home but also provides some valuable info for staging the outside as well.

Moving Tips For Pet Parents

Moving can be stressful enough of an activity for humans and the impact can be felt by some pets as well. In order to make the move a smooth one for both humans and their animal companions Maria Mastrolonardo provides some great tips for relocating with pets in mind. Not every home will suitable to every pet and even the location of a new home should be taken into account as pointed out in this article.

How Setting The Price Of Your Home Can Make Or Break Your Sale

Home pricing is one of those critical activities that sets the tone for how the rest of your home sale will go. Set your price too high and no amount of marketing will make a difference. Where you set your price will also dictate a number of other factors that pop up during the home sale as Kevin Vitali points out in his article about how home pricing can make or break your house sale. There could be appraisal, issues, home inspection negotiation issues, time on market issues and more with the wrong price being set as Kevin explains in his article.

Bottom Line

November was another great month for real estate blog articles and the articles included above are just a small portion of the real estate content out there today. The above listed and other great bloggers know how to share their knowledge and insight to benefit everyone regardless of their location. If you know of any articles worthy of mention please feel free to include them in the comments below.


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The Real Estate Roundup For November 2017 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 11 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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