October 2020 Real Estate Roundup
October 2020 Real Estate Roundup
October 2020 Real Estate Roundup

Real estate markets around the US have been having a spooky good time with high demand and fast sales.  Normally the winter time in most markets represents a time for slower activity.  Will the same hold true in this different market that we are currently experiencing?  Time will tell.  If one wants to buy or sell a home there is no better time than now while the market still has low mortgage interest rates and high demand from buyers.  Some of the great real estate reads from this month’s collection below deal with moving, buying a home, making an offer, and more.

The Services That Movers Provide

Your home has been just bought or sold and now comes time for the heavy lifting.  Did you know movers do more than just move boxes from point A to B?  In this article by Bill Gassett, he covers the many important services moving companies provide.  Movers provide varying levels of service from packing up the entire contents of a home including disassembling things that need disassembly to unloading, unpacking and assembling those same things in the new location.  Whatever the moving need may be there will be moving companies able to help you.

Contingencies In A Real Estate Contract

Most of the standard real estate sales contracts contain contingency clauses that protect the buyer when making an offer on real estate.  Contingency clauses cover such areas as the appraisal, inspections, mortgage approval and more as this article from Spark Rental covers.  Real estate buyers run a big risk if they are not putting the proper contingencies in their contract and are not sticking to key dates that are part of those contingencies.

Making A Bedroom A More Peaceful Place

The bedroom is one of the more frequently used rooms in a home.  Making the bedroom a more relaxing tranquil place can lead to better sleep and better overall health as Sharon Paxson points out.  Sharon looks at all the aspects such as the paint color, the lighting, the mattress, floor coverings and more to point out the different ways homeowners can improve their bedroom space.  As an added benefit for those considering selling a home the tips are really useful for making buyers take notice as well.

Is Your House Haunted?

Alex Capozzolo published this article right around Halloween time discussing common signs that show your house is haunted.  Some of the signs taken individually like flickering lights, or cold drafts could be an issue with the electrical system or leaks from drafty windows or doors.  On the other hand combine a few or more of the signs that Alex points out and you may have a good case for a haunting.  Check out the article to learn more!

A Review of Self Storage Companies

Whether one wants to store stuff for a business or they have run out of room in the place where they live self-storage places are quite plentiful pretty much anywhere there are people living.    Some storage places  offer 24-hour access, climate-controlled storage, 24-hour security guard presence and more.  This article by Bill Gassett on Kyle Hiscock’s blog reviews six of the largest self-storage companies in the US and provides helpful input on their differences.

How To Write An Offer For Buying A Home

While the process of buying a home is often talked about, one topic not covered as much is how the home buyer should be filling out the contract to purchase a home.  While the purchase contract contains a lot of form language, there are plenty of fill-in sections that need to be properly filled out as Paul Sian explains.  Filling out a contract incorrectly can result in a very messy process that could leave the home buyer with a home in poor condition or one they have overpaid for.  

Stigmatized Property Disclosure

Whether your house is haunted, there was a death on the premises, or a crime occurred there the homeowner may be required to disclose those facts when selling their home.  In Kevin Vitali’s article about should a stigmatized property be disclosed he looks at some of the stigma’s that can cause issues with selling a home and whether those should be disclosed or not.  A big factor in this is what does the local law say.  Laws in the states will vary in what should be and what does not need to be disclosed.

What To Do After The Home Inspection

Once the home inspection is done, the next step (if there are repair issues) is for the buyer to ask for repairs from the seller or to ask for a reduction in price based on an estimated cost of repairs.  Conor MacEvilly looks at the pros and cons of asking for repairs or asking for a price reduction after the home inspection.  There will be things to consider like time for completing the repairs, whether they will be done properly and more.  Some minor issues might be best dealt with by the buyer taking care of them on their own time and dime, for others though it may be better to ask the seller to handle and request it be done by a professional.

Final Thoughts

How has the real estate market been performing in your area?  Are homes hard to come by?  Feel free to share some of your thoughts about your market in the comments below.

The Real Estate Roundup for October 2020 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 14 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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