Tips To Choose And Apply The Right Paint Color For Your New House Like A Pro
Tips To Choose And Apply The Right Paint Color For Your New House Like A Pro
Tips To Choose And Apply The Right Paint Color For Your New House Like A Pro

Tips To Choose And Apply The Right Paint Color For Your New House Like A Pro


Do you remember that feeling when you go inside a room and there is something about it that reminds you of a memory, an urge, or even a spark of happiness? Sometimes it’s because of your existing mood, but often, your mood is altered by the color and ambiance of the room.

The Importance of Color in Your Life

Why does this happen? How can color affect us so deeply, even though it is just a shade of something that you see every day? Blue for the sky, green for the trees, red for the sun behind your eyes before you wake up each morning. How come seeing a certain color in a house or a restaurant makes us want to do something like sleep, eat, or buy something.

That is the beauty when you choose the paint color that appeals to you and the people who visit your home of business. Color psychology is an age-old advertising and marketing technique, however, it is also an ideal way to design your home or business.

To Gloss or Matte?

Apart from that, you also need to choose the right type of paint that will complement the material of the walls, ceilings, or fixtures that you want to cover up. Some paint brands are not worth the money, while others are specially designed to be used on specific materials like oak, maple, metal, cement, drywall, to name a few.

Tools of the Painting Trade

Lastly, you must also consider how the paint will be applied. Depend on the types of paint, materials, or architecture, you can consider using brushes, paint rollers or paint sprayer.

Spray painting is faster but uses more paint. Brushes and paint rollers processes spend less paint but you need to use more physically demanding and it takes more time than using the sprayer. Paint sprayer is suitable for tight spots while you can use brushes and paint rollers for large surfaces.

So, how should you choose the ideal color for your project and which type of paint should it be? And of course, how will you use that paint?

Choosing Your Color

First of all, you need to decide what space is for. Is it for a restaurant? Is it for a nursery? Is it for a living room? What do you want people to feel when they come in? How do you want them to feel the longer they stay? Answer all these questions and you will get your answers to what group of color you want.

Next is choosing the color family. To give you an idea of which colors to choose, here are some tips:

  • Warm colors make people hungry, relaxed, and comfortable.
  • Hot colors make people want to take action, buy items, or socialize.
  • Cool colors make people feel safe, relieves their stress, and makes them want to stay and rest.
  • Neutral colors make people feel contented, at ease, and free of worry.
  • Bright and neon colors make people feel happy, friendly and trusting of the establishment.

The color palette is just as important because not many people paint rooms in just one color. They like to complement it with trimmings or furniture. If they choose different paint colors, they need to consider if they match and can still exude the feeling that you want from a room.

Preparing to Paint Your Walls

When painting walls, it is important to have all your equipment ready. Check what kind of material your walls and fixtures are before choosing the type of paint. When you find out, that is when you look for the colors you can mix to achieve the shade you want.

When you paint drywall, it is best to use paint that the powder residue does not rub off. Many contractors make this mistake, annoying hundreds of homeowners in the process. When you use spray paint, it is important to note that it is best for metals because it adheres longer to that kind of material.

After painting, your house or establishment will smell like a toxic wasteland. Get rid of paint smell quickly by placing a pot of charcoal inside the room. You can also boil water and place lemons inside and leave it inside the room with all the doors and windows closed. Otherwise, you can just air it out and wait for the smell to go away.

Either way, you must ask experts before attempting this on your own. The best people to ask are the salespeople at places like hardware and paint stores because they deal with these kinds of questions every day. You are not the only one who wants to get the perfect paint job, so make sure that you talk to the people who are invested in your own investment.

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