August 2018 Real Estate Roundup
August 2018 Real Estate Roundup
August 2018 Real Estate Roundup

August 2018 Real Estate Roundup

Real Estate Roundup For August 2018

With summer 2018 rounding out, the real estate market is still moving at full speed ahead in many markets.  Whether you are buying, selling or looking to rent living space this month’s real estate roundup has plenty to offer.  There are even some great articles for guiding you on how to buy a home and rent out part of it too and maybe even make a profit!  So check out the articles and feel free to share the ones you enjoyed the most and add any other article you feel are worthy of mention in the comment section below.

What Does Fair Market Value Mean In Real Estate

In real estate sales of residential homes you will often hear the term “fair market value” used. But what does fair market value actually mean and what does it mean for home sellers and homebuyers?  The meaning of fair market value in real estate is discussed by Kevin Vitali in a recent article where he explores the term and its importance in real estate sales.  Fair market value is looked at differently by both buyers and sellers and has a number of different considerations to take account.  Read more of Kevin’s article to learn about what fair market value really means.

Budget Friendly Tips For Making Your Home Look Expensive

If you have a luxury home or a near luxury home but are missing some of some of the luxury panache this article from Joy Bender is perfect for helping to update your home when it comes time to selling.  Let’s face it, no one wants to buy a luxury home unless it truly conveys the luxury feel and this article provides eleven cost effective tips for making your home feel luxurious.  The article is a definite read for luxury homeowners getting ready to sell and also a good read for those just looking to update the vibe of their home in a cost effective manner.

Smart Tips For Winning A Bidding War On A Home

With the fast paced sales some real estate market locations are facing, multiple offers or bidding wars are common.  This article from Bill Gassett explores what happens during a bidding war and what homebuyers should be doing in order to come out on top of the bidding war.  Sometimes buyers can get carried away during a bidding war with a winner takes all attitude and throwing everything else out the door.  When buying an asset as expensive as a home it makes sense to approach carefully and choose your options wisely in order to attempt to be the winning offer.

Responding To Low Ball Offers

Whether your home for sale is in tip top shape, needs some minor cosmetic updates or could use some TLC you will run across the buyer who feels the urge to offer the lowball bid. Especially when the home is in great condition the sellers may be feeling less than generous for responding to the offer.  As Sharon Paxson points out in one of her articles there are a number of different ways to respond to a low ball offer and ignoring the offer may not be the best way.  An offer usually indicates some interest in buying the property and that interest should be explored a little further as it may be worth the time spent looking into it.

Mistakes Made By Homebuyers And How To Avoid Them

Since buying a home is such a rather large purchase which most don’t do very frequently it can pay to make sure it is done right.  This article by Luke Skar looks at five mistakes homebuyers should avoid and provides some insight as to what can happen when people fall into those traps and how to avoid them.  These mistakes can be quite costly in the short term as well as the long term so it makes sense to understand and try and avoid them at all costs.

Why You May Want To Buy A Duplex House

The duplex house or the house with two separate living spaces under one roof is a different type of housing option that many may not consider.  Some of these homes may have been once a single unit that was split and converted into two units or one that has always been a dual unit since first constructed.  Eileen Anderson explores the benefits of owning a duplex style of home and why you may want to consider a duplex for your next home.  Whether you want to live close (but separate) from family members or just want to bring in some extra money to help put towards the mortgage a duplex may be for you.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Buying A Multi-Family Home

Whereas the article mentioned above talks about duplex homes which are considered multi-family this article from Kyle Hiscock explores buying multi-family homes in general. Homebuyers may not know but they can use a conventional mortgage to purchase a multi-family home that has anywhere from two to four total units!  This means the homeowner can live in one of the units and rent out the others to put towards the mortgage payment and even profit while owning the home. If you are thinking about owning a multi-family unit for yourself this article provides some great insight on what is involved.

Boosting The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

With over 90% of home searches beginning online it pays to make sure the front of your home looks stellar when it is listed for sale.  In this article by Paul Sian which talks about great tips for creating better curb appeal, Paul provides some valuable insights for homeowners and home sellers on how to make their outdoor space really shine.  When selling a home there are a few first impressions to be made. Impressions are made online, in person when first seeing the outside of the house and the inside of the house. Curb appeal definitely shows in the online and in person viewing for the first time so make sure to get it looking great in order to keep buyers interested.

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The Real Estate Roundup For August 2018 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 11 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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