April 2017 Real Estate Roundup
April 2017 Real Estate Roundup
April 2017 Real Estate Roundup

April 2017 Real Estate Roundup

April 2017 Real Estate Roundup

In case you missed any of the great real estate reads from the month of April here are some to catch up on. Whether you are selling, buying a home or luxury home, or just have a keen interest in real estate all of these blog articles are packed with information and knowledge that won’t leave you wanting. Hope you enjoy and feel free to add any articles at the bottom of the list that you think are notable real estate articles from the month of April 2017.

What Is Dual Agency In A Real Estate Transaction?

Dual agency is the activity where one real estate agent represents both the home seller and the home buyer in the same transaction. In a majority of real estate transactions the homebuyer and home seller each have their own real estate agent representing their own interests. When both the buyer and seller have their own agent the agent works exclusively for their client and represents their best interests. In a dual agency situation the best interests of the client become secondary and the real estate agent has to act more as a neutral party in the deal. As explained by Bill Gassett in his article about dual agency and why it should be avoided there can be many drawbacks associated with the practice.

House Marketing In A Social Media World

Those marketers who are not up to speed with marketing in this era of the Internet and Social Media run the risk of not being found and therefore not being able to sell their product. Real estate is no different. If buyers don’t know about a home for sale or cannot explore it first online then the chances of it selling begin to shrink. Debbie Drummond provides some excellent advice on how to market homes with some of the latest and greatest technologies . From virtual tours, to detailed floor plans, by sharing more information about a home and sharing it so homebuyers can view it from the comfort of their home or office you can be sure those interested buyers will be aware of the home for sale and ready to take the next step and make an in person visit.

How To Sell A Luxury Home

Writing for the Inlanta Mortgage – Madison blog Paul Sian from CinciNKYRealEstate.com provides an in depth article on how luxury home sellers should best sell their homes. Luxury products in general require elevated marketing and the tips in this article point out steps to make sure any luxury home on the market is able to shine in the buyer’s eye both online and off. Only by getting a luxury home in front of as many relevant buyers as possible helps with the goal of getting it sold. If a luxury home seller misses out on a piece of the marketing requirements for their luxury home they may be on the market for a long time with very little buyer interest.

What To Know About Purchasing A Fixer Upper

In April 2017 many markets all over the US are experiencing a seller’s market and a shortage of homes available for purchasing. In other words there are too many buyers and not enough homes to go around. Sometimes the best bet for homebuyers will be to pick up a foreclosure or a home in need of repair. Foreclosure homes and homes in need of repairs are not a sure bet as some home improvement TV shows may lead you to believe. Instead they could require a lot of work and getting funds for the repairs can be tricky. In this article from Kyle Hiscock about how to purchase and renovate a fixer upper he takes you through the steps to take to buy a project home and provides some options for financing the repairs.

What To Expect With A Homebuyer Consultation With A Realtor

Homebuyers, especially new homebuyers, may not realize all that is involved with purchasing a home. From choosing neighborhoods to all the various types of home styles and floor plans homebuyers need to be prepared prior to even looking at the first home online. Otherwise those homebuyers may end up looking at homes not suited for them or worse in an area they hate because their needs are not being met. That is the reason why a homebuyer consultation with a Realtor is highly recommended. In his article about a homebuyer consultation Dan Barcelon explains everything that should be discussed between homebuyer and real estate agent so that their home purchase experience is a resounding success.

Fair Housing Month

In case you did not know it, April is Fair Housing Month. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was passed on April 11, 1968 and prevents discrimination in housing. The Act leveled the playing field for many homebuyers and sellers so not only could people buy and sell homes without fear of discrimination they could also borrow money to buy that home without the same fear. Karen Highland covers in depth what the act covers, who it covers and what are the impact to landlords, Realtors and more in her article April Is Fair Housing Month.


As an added bonus here are two excellent YouTube videos on real estate subjects that are not only excellently put together but also informative for viewers. The first one is from Inlanta Mortgage – Madison and is about FHA Mortgage Requirements:

The second video is from CinciNKYRealEstate.com and is about the process of listing your home for sale with a Realtor:



About The Author

April 2017 Real Estate Round Up was written by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Real Estate Agent Paul Sian of RE/MAX Incline. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 10 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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