April 2020 Real Estate Roundup
April 2020 Real Estate Roundup
April 2020 Real Estate Roundup

Most of the US has been going under some sort of stay at home order in order to help prevent the spread of a virus.  In many states real estate sales and purchases are allowed to happen as an essential activity.  People need to buy and sell homes every day.  Whether the market a seller’s market or a buyer’s market people are ready to transact.  This month’s roundup provides some great articles for home buyers, home sellers, investors and more.

Where To Donate Clothing and Other Household Goods

Whether you are moving or planning a big spring-cleaning purge, donating items that still have a useful life is better than filling up a landfill.  There are a number or organizations that take clothing, furniture and some electronics for reuse by others as Bill Gassett writes about.  Especially during this time of economic uncertainty donating items of value means those items can be put to good use by something who may truly need it.

What To Know About Real Estate Commissions

When buying or selling a home most agents are paid via commission upon closing.  Sharon Paxson explains how commissions are paid and when they are paid.  By having commission paid at the end of a transaction the risk shifts more towards the real estate agent if a deal is not completed and the commission provides an incentive for an agent to make sure their clients interests are best represented.

Top Mortgage Myths To Be Aware Of

Most home buyers use a mortgage in order to make their purchase.  Done correctly the mortgage allows the home buyer to buy the home that is right for them and the buyer knows their payments will be fixed over a set period of time.  There are certain mortgage myths and pitfalls that can cause confusion as to whether or not someone can really buy a home.  Kyle Hiscock explores those myths and debunks them so home buyers can go in with a better understanding of the mortgage process.

Reasons Why Working With A Real Estate Agent Will Help You

The process of buying or selling a home can be quite an involved process that has many different time frames and hurdles to jump over prior to closing.  In this article by Paul Sian he looks are seven reasons why having a real estate agent in your corner will help you realize your real estate goals.  A real estate agent’s job is to help their client to the best of their ability.  Seasoned and experienced agents have helped many buyers and sellers with their real estate needs and have a deep understanding as a result which can be put to great use for their clients.

The Benefits With Hiring A Short Term Rental Property Manager

While some opt to take the direct management approach and save some money there is room for consideration of having a professional property manager for you short term rental units.  Danny Margagliano explores eight benefits that investment owners can get by contracting out the management of their short term rental property.  Investment owners get the advantage through lesser hands on time, greater exposure to the property managers clients, faster service/maintenance and more.  If you plan on investing in short term real estate investments this article is a must read.

Should You Sell Or Rent Your Home

Depending on the current state of the real estate market some homeowners may be considering whether they should sell or rent their home.  There are pros and cons for either strategy and this article from Michelle Gibson discusses what homeowners should expect.  Both options include with them plenty of effort required to get the home ready and making sure that the option chosen brings in value.  Losing money on either selling a home or renting out a home could wipe out years of home equity gains so it is helpful to understand the risks and benefits for both.

Tips For Using FHA To Buy A Multi-Family Home

Multi-family homes represent a great strategy for owner occupied investors who want a low down payment and someone else to help with paying the mortgage.  In this article by Eric Jeanette he provides some detailed information on the why and how a buyer can use an FHA mortgage to buy a multi-family property.  FHA loans have lower down payment requirements, lower credit score requirements and have other benefits that can help a first-time home buyer or an existing home buyer get a home and investment property at the same time.

Selling Your Home Safely

In this time of uncertainty with the virus and social distancing some home sellers may be wondering if it is safe to sell their home.  Homes are still being sold during this time frame and buyers are still interested in buying homes as Lynn Pineda points out.  With the proper technology and by working with an experienced real estate agent the home seller can get their home sold and be safe and healthy at the same time.  All the professionals who work around helping buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions are constantly improving their techniques and technologies to help people realize their real estate goals as this article explores.

Final Thoughts

We hope these articles provide some insight towards realizing your own real estate goals.  Are there any other articles you found interesting or insightful?  Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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