December 2019 Real Estate Roundup
December 2019 Real Estate Roundup
December 2019 Real Estate Roundup

Happy New Years Eve!  Here is a great round up for the end of the year and end of the decade for real estate articles.  A lot of great real estate bloggers sharing information to help inform and educate their buyers and sellers.  Check out the articles below as you get ready for the 2020 real estate buying and selling season.  Also be sure to follow these bloggers in 2020 if you enjoy learning about real estate.

Making Sure Your Home Is Safe and Sound

Home security is on the top of many homeowner’s minds.  How to keep the bad guys out and have a comfortable and secure home is part of that.  In this article about top home security tips by Sharon Paxson she provides detailed tips and advice on how best to make sure your home is secure.  With the advancements in internet technology it is very cost effective and easy to install home security systems, video cameras and more to keep an eye out on your home and its occupants.

Buying A Foreclosed Home

With as much competition as there is for homes some times buyers have to think outside of the box. Foreclosed homes while not the greatest of shape can represent a great opportunity for home buyers as Bill Gassett points out. Some home loans are even available that will let the buyer buy the home and also provide funds for repairing the home. A home buyer can get a good deal on a home and then make it meet their needs.

Home Staging Tips From Top Real Estate Pros

A staged home is more inviting and appealing to buyers which in turn means the buyers are more likely to make an offer.  Staging is nuanced and requires an individual approach towards each home to highlight the unique attributes it has.  Eric Jeanette has gathered some excellent advice on home staging from top real estate professionals around the US.  Home sellers should be using the tips and techniques found in the articles to boost the presentation of their home when it is time to sell.

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Buying a home is an expensive endeavor and that is why home buyers should make sure they get it right.  Any mistakes in not getting pre-approved in time, damaging their credit prior to or during the home buying process, not getting an inspection and more can lead to years of financial pain as this article on Kyle Hiscock’s website points out.  Once a home is purchased the requirements are not over and if not properly planned for a new homeowner can put themselves in a bind.  This article provides some great tips so first time home buyers can set themselves up for success.

Lawsuits in Real Estate

Lawsuits happen all the time in real estate and this article by Geoff Southworth explores whether a real estate agent can sue you.  The short answer is yes a real estate agent can sue their clients or even a non client.  The reasons can vary from breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, and more.  Geoff explores some of the common reasons real estate agents may have to sue their clients and ways to avoid those situations.

Things Not To Say/Do When Listing A Home For Sale

Getting ready to list your home for sale?  Kevin Vitali points out some things that home sellers should avoid at all costs when selling a home in order to have the best experience possible.  Homes take time and effort to sell in order to get the best price and reach the most buyers.  Things like bad photos of the home, not budging on price, grandiose or weird marketing remarks and more will do more harm than good.  Take a look at the great list Kevin put together as you prepare for selling your home in the coming year.

Tips For Preventing Mold In A Home

While mold exists everywhere around us in small quantities when that mold starts to gather and grow in large amounts problems can arise.  Mold feeds on organic material like wood and the paper found in drywall.  Add a little bit of water and lack of air circulation and mold has all it needs to start to grow out of control as Danny Margagliano points out.  The mold prevention tips he provides though that can help homeowners keep their home in good condition by being on the lookout for areas or situations that are likely to allow mold to grow out of control.

Selling A Home As-Is

While not the ideal situation selling a home as-is is often better than selling to a wholesale investor who in turn will sell the property to someone else for a profit or selling to an iBuyer to who which the seller will still end up with less money in the end. Better for the homeowner to sell their home as-is and let the buyers know what to expect so there are no surprises.  There are plenty of home buyers out there who are looking for a deal and willing to put in some sweat equity to make a home their own so homeowners should first try the option of selling via a full listing with a real estate agent.

Final Thoughts

2019 was a strong year for real estate in many markets.  2020 is shaping up to look the same.  With mortgage interest rates still at low levels and many home buyers still looking for a home many real estate markets will be very active come spring time.  Both buyers and sellers need to start preparing now if they want to buy or sell a home during the spring and summer peak selling time frame.  

Feel free to share other real estate articles you may have found helpful in the comments below or let us know your thoughts or your real estate goals for 2020!

The Real Estate Roundup For December 2019 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 14 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.

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