March 2018 Real Estate Roundup
March 2018 Real Estate Roundup
March 2018 Real Estate Roundup

March 2018 Real Estate Roundup

March 2018 Real Estate Roundup

Spring has sprung and the spring selling season has begun hot in many areas. So whether you are a homer buyer or home seller looking to buy a home, now is the time to polish up on your real estate knowledge so you know how the transaction will take place. Knowledge and having a great real estate agent should be the top go to resources you use to help make your purchase or sale that much easier.

Smart Tips For Giving A Great First Impression With Your Home

Deciding to put your home on the market and hope it sells without much preparation is usually never going to happen unless your home is like a museum and just as clean. For most getting a home ready for sale requires preparation, planning and great execution. In this article by Joe Boylan he surveyed some of the great agents from his office and asked how can home sellers make a great first impression on homebuyers? The article is packed full of tips for home sellers to use to make sure their home presents its best foot forward.

Military Moving Guide and Checklist

Anyone who is or has been in the military knows there are countless guides and checklists for doing everything. When it comes to readability and usability sometimes those guides can be lacking. This guide for military members getting ready to move on the other hand from Anita Clark is chock full of information, helpful tips and checklist ideas. Moving is never an easy task but with the tips and guides in this article military members can make it more tolerable.

Homebuyer’s Guide For Touring A Home

In this article by Jeff Nelson he covers the fundamentals of visiting homes you are considering for purchase or also known as home buyer etiquette 101. While some of the tips are presented in a humorous tone the fact remains when visiting a house for sale it is always good to go above and beyond when treating the homeowners personal property and personal space with respect. After all the home you walk into could be the one you love and must have so that last thing a buyer would want is to start off on the wrong foot by doing something the homeowner would not like and may hold against you.

Things To Put Away Prior To An Open House

Whether you as the homeowner want an open house or your agent thinks an open house is a good idea to market your home there are still some precautions you should take in order to make sure the open house goes smoothly. One of those things is putting away certain items that might be tempting for someone looking for a five fingered discount or something that might give someone the wrong impression. In this article by Bill Gassett he notes the items that should be put away during an open house such as prescription medications, documents with personal info, political signs and more. By keeping potential home buyers focused on the home they are more likely to see the home for what it is truly worth.

Should You Pay Cash For A House?

Those with sufficient liquid capital may think that paying cash for a house could help make for an easier and faster transaction than if purchasing with financing. There are both positives and negatives that come with paying cash for a house as Petra Norris describes in her article about the pros and cons of buying a home with cash. Paying cash does save time and removes a few conditions from the purchase of a home but can also lead to lower return on investments than had the cash been invested elsewhere as pointed out in her article.

Why Is That House Back On The Market?

Many homebuyers have seen it before, a home they were interested in had an offer and went pending and is usually not on the market for more offers. Then for some reason that home comes back to the market and usually no explanation is provided. Often times there are common reasons why a home will return to the market as explained by Michelle Gibson. Whether it be a financing, home inspection, or some other issue it is always helpful for buyers to look a little further at the reasons why a home is back on the market and whether it warrants a second look.

What Do Millennial Homebuyers Really Want

As is too often happens when you label someone then all those associated with that label have a tendency to be painted with the same broad brush. Conor MacEvilly points out some of the misconceptions associated with millennial homebuyers in his article and then explores what is the reality of the situation. Just like every other generational grouping the individuals amongst them still have their own wants and needs that may be quite alike others who may not be of that category.

A Guide To The Home Inspection

When buying a home a home inspection should be considered a critical part of the process. Homes are rather expensive long term purchases and by making sure upfront the purchase is a sound one homebuyers can ensure the value of their home is retained. In this article by Paul Sian he provides an in-depth look at the home inspection process and what it entails for the homebuyer. A home inspection can help buyers determine before they close whether the house they really want to buy will stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts

With the start of Spring season now is the time to get a home ready for sale or homebuyers need to get themselves ready for purchase.  With homes in many markets selling quick it is always helpful to be ahead of the curve.

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The Real Estate Roundup For February 2018 was provided by Greater Cincinnati Area Luxury Realtor Paul Sian of United Real Estate Home Connections. Paul is a licensed real estate agent in the states of Ohio and Kentucky and has over 11 years of experience. Feel free to contact Paul for all your Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky real estate needs.



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