3 Reasons to Redesign Your Bedroom to Sell Your Home
3 Reasons to Redesign Your Bedroom to Sell Your Home
3 Reasons to Redesign Your Bedroom to Sell Your Home

For most of us, the bedroom is the most important area in the house because it is a place of rest and sleep. We spend a third of our lives (probably more) being here and so we may be a bit more meticulous designing this space. 

But does it matter to the people buying your home? Most definitely! Here are reasons why it’s important to redesign your bedroom before you sell your home.

1. It shows how maintain your house

The bedroom is a highly personal space and it gives potential buyers an idea of how you maintain your home. If the bedroom is messy and smells musty, they’ll assume that’s how you are with the rest of your house too. If you really want to make a good lasting impression, the bedroom should not only look and smell great, it should also feel great.

But what does that mean? It means the bedroom should evoke a feeling of calm. The bed itself should be well-made, with lots of pillows, zero clutter, with no personal trinkets on display. You can add some finishing touches like a side table, lamp, and candles to create a more inviting look.

2. It is where you store personal items

The bedroom is also a place where homeowners store their personal belongings. If potential buyers see that there is not enough space or that your closet is stuffed to the brim, they’ll assume that the same thing will happen to them too.

For this, you want to create the impression that the bedroom is a spacious area. This can mean showcasing the underbed storage where they can store seasonal and unused items. You may also need to rearrange a few items to make the room feel larger. It should be spacious enough that they can easily get in the bed from both sides.

If your bedroom is small, don’t force a double bed in it. Instead, stick to a single bed and focus more in making the space feel cozy. Avoid crazy patterns on your sheets as this can create a sense of stuffiness and if possible, repaint your walls in a more neutral color. This makes it easier for the homebuyer to visualize themselves living in the home. 

3. It is where you start the day

Imagine this. You wake up and the first thing you see in the morning are yesterday’s clothes on the floor, unclean windows, a messy side table, wires bunched up by the outlet. It’s not the way to welcome the day. While most of us are fine with this, it’s a huge no-no for some people, especially to those who are potentially going to buy your home from you.

If you really want to sell your home fast, you need to redesign your bedroom in a way that it’s clean and clutter-free. For buyers, the bedroom is the second most important area in the house that can sway their decision of whether to purchase or not. So invest some time staging this area. Sustainable products are a huge sell so you may want to replace your old furniture with new ones and factor that in the price of your home. 

In Conclusion

If you’re really clueless about interior design and home staging, you can always get help from professionals. These individuals are experienced in staging homes and they know exactly how to decorate each space in your home so that it appears more attractive to homebuyers. And the sooner you can sell your home, the faster you can move on to your new one. 

Now onto you. If you were to purchase a home, how important is the bedroom to you? Would it affect your home buying decision if the bedroom was not as attractive as the other parts in the house? Share your thoughts in the comments below

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