Work With Sales and Marketing Freelancers to Grow Your Real Estate Business
Work With Sales and Marketing Freelancers to Grow Your Real Estate Business
Work With Sales and Marketing Freelancers to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Do you feel as though your real estate business is languishing? Are you not attracting as many clients as you should be, given your professionalism and the quality of your service? Has your business failed to grow the way you hoped it would? It may be that you need a boost from the sales and marketing department. 

Of course, not every small real estate business has its own full-time sales and marketing experts on call, but this shouldn’t worry you: you can hire freelance professionals in these areas to help you get in gear and move toward your goals. Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Blog is here to show you how.

Why do you need sales and marketing professionals?

A lot of owners of small businesses take care of their marketing and sales themselves. And you may be thinking: why bring in an outsider? Why should you spend the money when you can create your own marketing strategy and take care of your own sales? Well, think of it as an investment. You need to give your business a boost, and the techniques you are using clearly aren’t adequate. This should be taken as a sign that you lack talent or business savvy: just as you are a professional realtor and know the ins and outs of your work like no one else, so also sales and marketing experts know the ins and outs of their fields. Plus, if you are busy running your business and taking care of your tasks as a realtor every day, that likely leaves you little time for focusing on marketing.

Should marketing and sales professionals work together?

Yes, absolutely. Whether yours is a larger business with whole teams focusing on marketing and sales, or if you’re a small business owner contracting with freelancers, getting these two functions synchronized will enhance the efforts of both and lead to better business growth. While your marketing expert crafts strategies for raising awareness of your company or product, oversees messaging across different platforms, and builds your overall brand, your sales expert is the onefacilitating contact with potential customers, or establishing your techniques for customer engagement and product presentation.

How to find top-notch professionals in sales and marketing.

It is not difficult to find sales and marketing freelancers advertising their services. But it can take some time and care, for you to find the right ones to work with. It’s not just a matter of finding professionals with a proven track record of success, who are professional, and whose rates you can afford. You also need to figure out which freelancers are on board with your business’s identity, especially since you are entrusting them with the task of broadcasting that identity effectively. So, you probably don’t want to hire just the first likable and able freelancer who comes along.

When you should hire full-time.

The benefits of working with freelancers are that it is less expensive, and you can contract for a given period if you don’t need sales and marketing professionals working with you every day. If your business is growing though you may reach a point when having full-time experts in sales and marketing on your team is entirely worth the added expense. So, weigh the pros and cons, and keep an eye on your numbers so you can be sure you’re making the smartest hiring choices.

Some additional tips for increasing sales. 

There are numerous other ways you can work toward improving your sales while also working with professionals in sales and marketing. One way is to build on relationships with existing customers, so they are more likely to refer friends to you, or to call on you for realtor services again. Also investigate ways you can cut expenses in general, such as by using affordable off-the-shelf services for things like website design or photoshopping. And don’t forget that you can save money at tax time if you’ve formed your company as an LLC. Last but not least, take advantage of free online tools to save money – including this one that lets you combine PDFs into one file, thus eliminating the need to email multiple files at a time (and the risk of one or two slipping through the cracks).

The business world has changed in countless ways over the last couple years, and those changes will only continue as time goes on. But one thing remains the same: hiring sales and freelance professionals is still a smart investment for realtors who need to improve their sales.

Paul Sian of the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Blog is an experienced Realtor licensed in the states of Ohio and Kentucky, as well as possessing a legal education that helps him better serve his clients. If you are looking for an expert real estate agent in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky area look no further and give me a call, send me a text or email: 513-560-8002.

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